About Us

JL Integrated Business Services

Our Story

JL Integrated Business Services LLC was founded to provide full-service Bookkeeping, accounting, and back-office services for individuals and all levels of businesses throughout the United States. We aim to achieve the ideal balance between professional expertise and personal service.

Active listening to our clients is key to establishing a long-lasting professional relationship built on trust, respect, and cooperation. We want to offer financial guidance, advice, and financial leadership that will help you grow your business at any level.

JL Integrated Business Services LLC brings a vast experience to your organization that encompasses all aspects of logistics, manufacturing, and production, retail sales, residential commercial and industrial construction, personal residential and commercial services, energy production and distribution, oil and gas production processing, and distribution and back-office services including offshoring.

JL Integrated Business Services LLC, through experience the education, can assist any individual or business of any size in developing and growing to meet the goals of your organization. This level of care for your business and organization starts on day one. We have assisted companies beginning with as little as $3100.00 funds and growing their business to over $750 thousand in one year. The founding member worked with a team at a company valued at $74 million transforming their organization in two and a half years and was sold for over $162 million dollars. No individual or business organization is too small or large, and all are equally important.


Laura Bedoya


Laura’s education is in financial analysis. She has extensive experience working in accounting with domestic and international companies. Her background includes food distribution and processing with a large grocery retailer: oil and gas energy and product manufacturing. Laura is also experienced with logistics and supply chain management. She has been involved in individual, small and large companies. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Victoria Marshall

Senior Accountant

Victoria, our senior account, delivers experience in bookkeeping and tax preparations for individuals and businesses. She brings an extensive background in customer service and hospitality, and Victoria has years of experience in management in the hospitality industry.

Lina Marshall


Lina holds diplomas and degrees from international and domestic universities. She has been a business owner of three successful businesses in South America and the USA. She is an expert in cost-effective efficiency for manufacturing production. Lina is also very knowledgeable and experienced in retail sales and cost-saving strategies. She has directed large short- and long-term projects. Lina is fluent in English and Spanish.

Jerry Marshall


Jerry is a USA military veteran and has earned various diplomas and degrees while attending one community college and three universities. He holds lead auditing certifications through the Det Norske Veritas (DNV – translates in English to “The Norwegian Truth” and The British Standards Institute (BSI).

Before starting his last two successful businesses for seven years, Jerry has worked in business acquisition and mergers. His expertise in this work includes Project Management, evaluating, auditing, developing, and implementing management systems for the continual growth and continuity of small businesses and large organizations. These management systems include finance management systems—this work is conducted domestically and internationally.

Our Promise

We deliver professional and detailed accounting work. We do our work with the same level of care as though your business is our own business.

Our Mission

“JL Integrated Business Services is dedicated to helping individuals and small businesses achieve financial success.”